Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Best Talk I Have Ever Given

I did a great talk today. It is about faith and how when you obey you get stronger in your faith in Jesus Christ.


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Lunch with the Principal

I got to each lunch with my principal. I had pizza and it was fun. I got some awards. I am a good boy at school. I like to play at recess!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Star Wars and Bolt

Now this is Star Wars. THis is Luke Skywalker and DArth Vader. They are fighting with their lightsabers. That is a big adventure. Would you like to come along? It's very fun. And ya know, I love Star Wars but all shows want a turn. This is Bolt's friend, Rhino. He is so funny. Look at this face. I know he makes a happy face but I missed that one. I took a picture of this instead. But I almost took a picture of it but I took a picture of Lloyd on accident, so I took another funny picture of the mad/grumpy/frowny face. Do you know Rhino is so funny? Even on Bolt said, "The road will be rough," and Rhino said, "I have a ball." Bolt said, "There's no turning back, and then Rhino says, "Promise?" and then Bolt says, "I've got to warn you we're going to the belly of the beast..." Rhino says, "I eat danger for breakfast!" Then Bolt said, "Welcome aboard," and Rhino was jumping little jumps.
That's a funny one! Look at this one, it looks funny, right? Rhino is yelling at Bolt, "They need a hero Bolt!"
This is me, Jacob. You know me! I am a very nice boy and you would never believe this...I've lost two teeth now. Today at school, I tricked my mom! I asked Ms. I if I could have a yellow card so that I could trick my mom with it. But I really got two cards, a green card (because I was really good) and a yellow card. Now I'm going to trick my dad. I will use it and Ms. I wrote, "This is Jacob's yellow card to trick you, it's really green." I'm going to look at the words so he won't know it's a trick and then I'll show he doesn't get mad.
This is my lego instructions. The instructions are to help you build stuff. That looks like an adventure too. Would you like to come along on that one? Well, you're not legos...just kidding! Sorry for tricking you. I've seen episode II with my mom and dad. Here's a funny part. Jarjar BInks said, "Me sa Jar Jar Binks." On the Clone WArs when he tries to catch a fly and then he gets an R2D2 head on and it's stuck and he can't get it off. Then he gets it off. He says, "I am so sorry. It was an accident. Bye-bye, bye-bye!"

Monday, April 20, 2009

Star Wars the Clone Wars

Star Wars the Clone Wars...This is Asokah. Did you know she fights General Grievous? I thought she never fought G.G. because she's a girl and I didn't want her to. I didn't know she fought him! This is Bolt. I rented it from Red Box but now I bought it from the store with Grandma. The hampster is pretty silly. His name is Rhino. When Bolt says, "Are you hungry?" He says, "Starving!" Bolt thinks everything is real adn I have something funny to tell you. On Bolt there's a bad guy and he had a bomb that he threw onto a truck. Penny said, "Bolt, fetch!" He was about to shock Penny but instead he shocked his friend.

Now this is my homework. School and homework is very important. The most important part of my homework is the spelling. I practice my letters and I have to write some words that start with the letter.

This is the Incredible Hulk. Did you know that there's not just a good hulk? There's a bad hulk and his name is Abomination. I've discovered there's not just a hulk when he's just a monster. There's one about David and when someone's in trouble his eyes turn green and his shirt rips off and then he's the hulk.

This is my Clone Trooper helmet. I got it for my birthday when I was six. I blew out all my candles at the same time. It can say different words. It says, "I've got a bad feeling about this sir; I'm on my way; Sir, we're taking on fire; All clear general; The droid army is in full retreat!"
Did you know that clone troopers are not just machines? Some are humans.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Box Tops

Star Wars the Clone Wars. Now this seems like a dangerous Star Wars the CW. This character in Star Wars the CW is named Ventress. She fought with Anakin twice. The first time she fought with him is when they rescued Rotta. Now this is when they fight on another dangerous mission of Ventress.

There is a wii game that's STar Wars the CW and there's one with Anakin and Ventress fighting. You can fight crazy and if you slice the ground, Ventress will fall into the hole of you slicing the ground.
We should eat healthy things. Now this is an apple. This is good for you. Don't be junky. You can eat candy, but don't eat too much or you'll get sick. Don't let it delay you!Who likes to sleep? Well, I like to sleep! We have to take a bath. I don't take a bath every time because you don't have to take a bath every single time. Snuggling is the best part. That will keep you warm.Now this is a juice box. Also I need it for my class, not just box tops.This is a box top. Please send them to me. If I get lots of box tops, I'll win a pizza party! Not just one for me, all for my class. I hope the six-year-olds don't win so I can win.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

My Dad

Now this is Ahsokah. That's what I told you...Remember that I told you so many times in Star Wars the Clone WArs I told you that there was Ahsokah? This is the castle one of Star Wars the CW. Do you know where I got this? I didn't buy it. I clicked on a picture of Cpt. Rex and it took us to Star Wars and there are lots of videos I could do.Star Wars the Clone Wars...Okay now, this is Obi Wan. Well, except Ahsokah is an alien and Obi Wan is a human. Anakin is a human too but Ahsokah is still an alien. Star WArs the CW is just a cartoon. YOu can rent it. Well, if it's at the store.This is Buzz Lightyear. He comes with Woody, but I didn't blog a picture of Woody. I actually blogged my dad. Now meet my dad. He is very nice and he is strong. Do you know why he is strong? Because he did some excercise with heavy stuff. Today, you know it's Saturday right, my dad built some shelves in the pantry door to get more extra food to use when we're done with stuff. Dad made some shelves in our pantry to hold food so we can step in without stepping on the food.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

M & M

Hello! It is I, Jacob. I can throw an M & M and catch it. I did it three times: at Christmas, with goldfish, and with an M & M today. Also, if there are little things like jellybeans, I'll practise some more with it and put it on my blog again.

This isn't Star Wars. It's me throwing an M & M. You know that...

Monday, January 19, 2009

This is Star Wars the Clone Wars. I really like it because there's this alien named Ahsoka. She is not modest. She has a green blade of lightsaber color. Anakin has a blue blade of his lightsaber color. Yoda has the same blade as Ahsoka's color called green.This is Anakin and Ahsoka. This is when they are climbing up the castle.

This is what I got for Christams from Uncle Scott. It was so cool.
This is my Star Wars collection. My Star Wars collection is when I decided to make a Star Wars collection, I found a paper and I look in the newspaper and magazines to find Star Wars things. My Star Wars collection is finished. I'm going to make another one soon.
Who loves to draw? I do! You can draw anything.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Star Wars

This is what I picked out at school out of my teacher's treasure box. It was really cool. Do you know why I got to choose out of the treaure box? Because I had 20 green cards.This is the Clone Wars. It's so cool. My grandma and grandpa rented it. I really like the Clone Wars. There's this alien named Ahsoka. She is not modest. There're some video games you can look at. If you can buy it (if your mom says so) you could buy the video game.This is a truck. My brother, Nathan, LOVES trucks. It is yellow. Who likes to go to the circus? Clowns are most funny. There might be some cool stuff you might see.
This is a game with cards. It's called Uno. Does anybody have that game?
I had a report card and I got lots of pluses. We celebrated me with cookies! What I like about school is the treaure box. I was worried that the Star Wars books that we can draw in was already taken by somebody else named JD, but it wasn't and I finally got the thing I certainly wanted.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

This is Star Wars episode six, Return of the Jedi. I really like six and the Clone Wars. I really like Star Wars so much. BUT I like more things than just Star Wars. I really like Spiderman. I like lots of things. This is episode four, Star Wars episode four. I really like episode four too, but not as much.
This is the Clone Wars. I really like the Clone Wars.
This is me. I really like movies...especially Star Wars.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

This is the Clone Wars. This is Anakin and Ventress fighting. Ventress is a girl and there is one girl who's not modest, named Ahsoka. She's an alien. She is not a human. Ventress is like a Jedi but she is not. She has special powers like a Jedi but she is dangerous. You better not take a look at her if you dare, so watch out.This is the same one, Anakin and Ventress. It's rated PG. You should decide if your kid should watch it or not. It might be a little too scary. There's this big giant monster who has really sharp claws and very sharp teeth who attacks.This is Star Wars episode two. It is not the Clone Wars. I really like Star Wars episode two and the Clone Wars.
This is my mom. She is very nice and so is my dad. I really like my dad and my mom. I'm the strongest boy but dad is strong too. Not Josh or Nathan, well, Josh is a little strong but no one is stronger than I am.
This is healthy bread. Mom made it while I was at school. It sure smells good.

Monday, January 5, 2009

This is my Star Wars book that I read every day to put a sticker on. Inside are things that I can read like "the" and "a" and "and" and "from." This is Star Wars Legos the video game. I didn't buy it though, usually video games make your brain watch out!
This is me. I like eating candy but we need to stay healthy.
This is my brother.
This is my Star Wars the Clone Wars book. I bought it with the money from Grandma and Grandpa Kahumoku. When mom found Star Wars books at WalMart, I only wanted the Clone Wars. My friend, Olivia, in my class, she had a Star Wars the Clone Wars book that I really wanted but I have my own now and I told her she could keep hers. She said she has a surprise for me.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

This is me in my Star Wars pajamas. I really like people who are in Las Vegas and Reno. This is Star Wars the Clone Wars. I really like Star Wars the Clone Wars. There's this girl who is not modest who is an alien named Ahsoka. She never kills. These people are Anakin, Obi Wan, Rex, and some clones.
This is my brother. His name is Josh. He really loves candy. I really like candy too. Candy is really yummy but I like fruits and vegetables too, especially watermelon.
This is my basketball. I got it from Santa Claus and it came with a basketball hoop. It's out in the garage. I really like playing basketball. When it was my first Christmas I got a paint set. Then I got a pool table when it was Nathan's first Christmas.

Friday, January 2, 2009

This is Star Wars everybody. Who likes Star Wars? I do! I can't watch Star Wars Episode 1, 2, or 3 but I can watch 4, 5, and 6. Six is a little scary but I'm not afraid. The Sith is a little scary but he doen't scare me a lot. This is Star Wars Legos. The one that's up at the top it is Star Wars but it's not Legos.
This is Star Wars the Clone Wars. The other ones are not Star Wars the Clone Wars but this one is. The girl who is named Ahsokah, she is an alien but she helps Jedis. She never kills.
This is Wall-E. Who likes Wall-E? I do!
This is My Friends Tigger and Pooh with their newest friend, Darby, and her puppy named Buster.