Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Star Wars and Bolt

Now this is Star Wars. THis is Luke Skywalker and DArth Vader. They are fighting with their lightsabers. That is a big adventure. Would you like to come along? It's very fun. And ya know, I love Star Wars but all shows want a turn. This is Bolt's friend, Rhino. He is so funny. Look at this face. I know he makes a happy face but I missed that one. I took a picture of this instead. But I almost took a picture of it but I took a picture of Lloyd on accident, so I took another funny picture of the mad/grumpy/frowny face. Do you know Rhino is so funny? Even on Bolt said, "The road will be rough," and Rhino said, "I have a ball." Bolt said, "There's no turning back, and then Rhino says, "Promise?" and then Bolt says, "I've got to warn you we're going to the belly of the beast..." Rhino says, "I eat danger for breakfast!" Then Bolt said, "Welcome aboard," and Rhino was jumping little jumps.
That's a funny one! Look at this one, it looks funny, right? Rhino is yelling at Bolt, "They need a hero Bolt!"
This is me, Jacob. You know me! I am a very nice boy and you would never believe this...I've lost two teeth now. Today at school, I tricked my mom! I asked Ms. I if I could have a yellow card so that I could trick my mom with it. But I really got two cards, a green card (because I was really good) and a yellow card. Now I'm going to trick my dad. I will use it and Ms. I wrote, "This is Jacob's yellow card to trick you, it's really green." I'm going to look at the words so he won't know it's a trick and then I'll show him...so he doesn't get mad.
This is my lego instructions. The instructions are to help you build stuff. That looks like an adventure too. Would you like to come along on that one? Well, you're not legos...just kidding! Sorry for tricking you. I've seen episode II with my mom and dad. Here's a funny part. Jarjar BInks said, "Me sa Jar Jar Binks." On the Clone WArs when he tries to catch a fly and then he gets an R2D2 head on and it's stuck and he can't get it off. Then he gets it off. He says, "I am so sorry. It was an accident. Bye-bye, bye-bye!"