Friday, November 28, 2008


Hunter is seven years old everybody. There are lots of buddies who like me. Sometimes we're mean to each other but we say "sorry" all the time. Hunter is my best friend, thank you. This is Anakin when he was a little boy and when he built a spaceship. Star Wars is a little violent. There is some parts where they don't fight too, so that's good parts. Yoda teached Luke how to be a Jedi but on Star Wars Episode Five I don't see that part but he must have returned.

This is the video game called Lego Star Wars. Uncle Scott, my friend, is on a mission right now. He has a Star Wars game too, but it's a little different than the one I cut out. I like playing Lego Star Wars too. I never play Lego Star Wars ALL the time because on Sunday we think about Jesus, not Star Wars.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Hello everybody! Welcome to Jacob's world. This is the Wall E movie. Wall E is a cool movie. Well, Wall E is kind of a dusty robot and we don't understand his language. He kind of speaks a little funny. Come on in everybody, don't be shy! Welcome to my new home. I was thinking this is a picture of Star Wars the Clone Wars. Star Wars is a little violent but it's not about fighting, it's about winning.

Star wars the Clone Wars is just cartoons but it looks real to me. For my journey it's still at the movie theatre and it's just cartoons. There are lots of episodes of it but we don't know what kind of number it is.
Okay, Hello everybody, come in, come in...this is my home, come on in! I want to tell you about this picture. This is Joshua with a silly face. When I take pictures with my camera, it makes me want to take more. I just like to take pictures and make movies with my camera.