Thursday, June 26, 2008

Star Wars Episode 5

I love Star Wars everybody. Well, not much I like it. Yoda is really funny. I like Yoda a lot.

For Halloween we had Star Wars costumes on. I was Luke, Josh was Darth Vader, Nathan was Yoda, Mom was Princess Leia, and Dad was Darth Vader too.

I like Star Wars a lot. It's so fun to watch. This is a movie of Star Wars. I like this part because I like when Luke fights.


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I Can Ride My Bike!

I can ride my bike without training wheels now. My dad took off my training wheels. A boy wanted to see me and see how far I could go. That boy was curious. Do you know what that means? He wanted to see me. The boy's shirt was blue. It was kind of good. His hair was brown like mine but it wasn't the same as mine. Today I'm going to get a hair cut.

I bumped into things but I wasn't that hurt. I was hurt but I wasn't THAT hurt. I wear gloves on my hands and elbow pads and knee pads so they will protect me. I wear a helmet so I won't crack open my head. That is a very good thing.

When your training wheels are off your bike, it gets all wobbly. It's a little bit tricky. You have to be brave on it when you fall down. You have to balance so your mom and dad won't have to help you. If you need help, you can just ask your mom or dad to help you.

I can ride it without my mom or dad holding on now. When I hear a car, I get on the sidewalk really fast so I don't get hurt. When I'm done, I just ride it in the garage and do something different. When mom says it's time to come in, we go in. It makes me happy when people see me around and it makes me feel good inside to know that I can do it by myself.