Tuesday, January 6, 2009

This is the Clone Wars. This is Anakin and Ventress fighting. Ventress is a girl and there is one girl who's not modest, named Ahsoka. She's an alien. She is not a human. Ventress is like a Jedi but she is not. She has special powers like a Jedi but she is dangerous. You better not take a look at her if you dare, so watch out.This is the same one, Anakin and Ventress. It's rated PG. You should decide if your kid should watch it or not. It might be a little too scary. There's this big giant monster who has really sharp claws and very sharp teeth who attacks.This is Star Wars episode two. It is not the Clone Wars. I really like Star Wars episode two and the Clone Wars.
This is my mom. She is very nice and so is my dad. I really like my dad and my mom. I'm the strongest boy but dad is strong too. Not Josh or Nathan, well, Josh is a little strong but no one is stronger than I am.
This is healthy bread. Mom made it while I was at school. It sure smells good.


Grandma Nelson said...

Wow! Your mom's healthy bread looks DELICIOUS! Did you like it? Did you put butter and honey or jam on it? Yum!

The Kahumokus said...

Dear Grandma Nelson,
I did not put butter on it, but I did put jelly and peanut butter on it. Grandma Nelson, I sure did like it!