Monday, January 5, 2009

This is my Star Wars book that I read every day to put a sticker on. Inside are things that I can read like "the" and "a" and "and" and "from." This is Star Wars Legos the video game. I didn't buy it though, usually video games make your brain watch out!
This is me. I like eating candy but we need to stay healthy.
This is my brother.
This is my Star Wars the Clone Wars book. I bought it with the money from Grandma and Grandpa Kahumoku. When mom found Star Wars books at WalMart, I only wanted the Clone Wars. My friend, Olivia, in my class, she had a Star Wars the Clone Wars book that I really wanted but I have my own now and I told her she could keep hers. She said she has a surprise for me.


Anonymous said...

Jacob--I am the first to make a comment! I like your Star Wars collection. You will have to show it to me when I come to see you. Tell your brothers, Mom, and Dad hello for me. I love you all.
Grandma T.

The Kahumokus said...

Dear Grandma T.,
That wasn't so nice to say "I was the first" but that's okay, I forgive you. I'll show you my Star Wars collection when I come to Las Vegas, I promise. It doesn't matter if I forget. If I forget I'll show you again if you come back again.

Grandma Nelson said...

I am glad you are reading every day and that you spent your Christmas money on a book. Your bain is not going to be mush!
Good job!

The Kahumokus said...

Dear Grandma Nelson,
Thanks for telling me my brain won't get mushy. You're a nice grandma! Please when I turn six would you give me six dollars in the card you give me? I just broke my mom's vase and I want some dollars so I can buy her a new pretty one. I'll love you always.