Sunday, January 20, 2008

Pictures and a Story

This is our piano.
This is Nathan. This is for Brooklyn. He's eating.
My brother is sitting down like Captain Hook and I shot him with my shooting camera. I was pretending it was a shooting camera and I shot him.
I am a bat called silly, a silly bat.
My mom is a silly bat and pretending to eat the baby food.

My teacher at church told me this story:

So, one day Warren did find a nest with birds and a bird mama who was having a lot of eggs. Warren did heard (hear) a strange noisy sound and he looked what it was and he saw two boys shooting a bird with a slingshot.

They were gonna smash all the baby eggs that Warren had in his family with the Mama bird. He told his father that mean boys at his school just shot one of the birds with the slingshot and he said, "Dad! Two boys at my school did shoot the birds in our family with the Mama bird." The dad said, "Well you need to be friends with them."

The boy was thinking about what his father said and he there only one condition. Then they were gone and the boys were suprised at Warren's school. They fixed the eggs again and then they will be nice to them again.


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Cynthia said...

jacob I love your post! Thank you for putting a picture of Nathan on for me! Your story was really good my mom read it to me. Brooklyn