Monday, April 7, 2008

Pancakes and Presents

Grandpa was cooking Mickey Mouse pancakes. They tasted good with the suyrup. They were a tasty treat...a real good treat! Grandma was here too. I love you Grandma and Grandpa. And Grandma and Grandpa don't forget to love me!Grandma Truman gave me some legos and a great big present. I had a good birthday.


gtninlv said...

Grandpa did a great job making Mickey Mouse pancakes! Yummy!!! We love you lots and lots Jacob (and Joshua and Nathan). We miss you, too. We all love our pictures boys, especially Uncle Scott.

Grandma T. said...

There is nothing as good as pancakes with syrup, and presents! One of these days I am going to come to Reno so I can get some of those hugs and snuggles! Love you all.

The Kahumokus said...

Grandma Nelson,
I love you. I'll see you in June. I'm going to draw you some pictures and it's STar Wars Episode 4. When they fight the storm troppers away, they get fired and when they get fired, all the storm troppers are dead and when they were dead there were just a little bit left and Darth Vader didn't have enough left.

When I come to see you in June, I will give you a great big hug and a great big kiss. When we get there, I will be nice to you. I will choose the right at your house. I want to try to choose the right. Do you mind if I give you a great big hug when I come in June?

The Kahumokus said...

Grandma Truman,
Do you mind when I come to your house if I play Crash Cars? I have a bank and it's filled with pennies. I give Mom extras when Mom has been very good. Do you mind if I have a snack and play some more fun games at your home? I'll see you in June, Grandma Truman!

gtninlv said...

I'm anxiously waiting for my big hug and a kiss, too! In one month it will be June:) Will you please draw a Star Wars picture for one of my students? His name is David and he needs a picture.