Friday, December 26, 2008


Do you know what I got for Christmas? I got a lightsaber that turns blue and red! I love when it turns red and when it makes a cool sound. When I come to Las Vegas, I'll bring it and show you how it turns to red. I'll pack my Star Wars pajamas too!These are Santa's cookies and the reindeers' carrots. I really like Santa when he ate his cookies and what he gave me. He brought me a basketball hoop! P.S. I love everybody in Las Vegas and in Reno too. Well, let's face it. When people die it's sad news. These are my Star Wars the Clone Wars pajamas. Aunty gave them to me for Christmas. It's Anakin, Obiwan and Osokah. Those are my favorite pajamas. I am going to wear them each night.Jenny is my mom's friend. She's my friend too. She tickles me a lot. I don't like it but it makes me laugh. Jenny sang to us and it was so great.
That lightsaber is what I got for Christmas. I really like it. It's Anakin's but I took a picture of it to remind you of this one.


Kathryn said...

Merry Christmas Jacob! I like your light saber!

Grandma Nelson said...

Jenny did a great job singing in her church program! Tell her I said "hi."