Saturday, January 17, 2009

Star Wars

This is what I picked out at school out of my teacher's treasure box. It was really cool. Do you know why I got to choose out of the treaure box? Because I had 20 green cards.This is the Clone Wars. It's so cool. My grandma and grandpa rented it. I really like the Clone Wars. There's this alien named Ahsoka. She is not modest. There're some video games you can look at. If you can buy it (if your mom says so) you could buy the video game.This is a truck. My brother, Nathan, LOVES trucks. It is yellow. Who likes to go to the circus? Clowns are most funny. There might be some cool stuff you might see.
This is a game with cards. It's called Uno. Does anybody have that game?
I had a report card and I got lots of pluses. We celebrated me with cookies! What I like about school is the treaure box. I was worried that the Star Wars books that we can draw in was already taken by somebody else named JD, but it wasn't and I finally got the thing I certainly wanted.


Grandma Nelson said...

Wow! 20 green cards and a great report card, too? You must be an awesome student. Keep up the good work!

The Kahumokus said...

Dear Grandma NElson,
That book with Yoda was the thing I chose out of the treasure box. Did you see THAT? How I did the stuff is every day when I get a green card, I count them and then on the 20th I got two green cards and I got 20. I was so happy but I didn't go back to school, I waited until tomorrow. We don't count them until the end of the day.