Monday, January 19, 2009

This is Star Wars the Clone Wars. I really like it because there's this alien named Ahsoka. She is not modest. She has a green blade of lightsaber color. Anakin has a blue blade of his lightsaber color. Yoda has the same blade as Ahsoka's color called green.This is Anakin and Ahsoka. This is when they are climbing up the castle.

This is what I got for Christams from Uncle Scott. It was so cool.
This is my Star Wars collection. My Star Wars collection is when I decided to make a Star Wars collection, I found a paper and I look in the newspaper and magazines to find Star Wars things. My Star Wars collection is finished. I'm going to make another one soon.
Who loves to draw? I do! You can draw anything.


Grandma Nelson said...

I love to draw and so do my students! Do you think you will be an artist when you grow up?

The Kahumokus said...

Dear Grandma Nelson,
I already am an artist. Even when I'm young. At school I learned a new song. It's called Even or Odd. We played a little game at school where you stand by with even or odd.