Saturday, March 21, 2009

My Dad

Now this is Ahsokah. That's what I told you...Remember that I told you so many times in Star Wars the Clone WArs I told you that there was Ahsokah? This is the castle one of Star Wars the CW. Do you know where I got this? I didn't buy it. I clicked on a picture of Cpt. Rex and it took us to Star Wars and there are lots of videos I could do.Star Wars the Clone Wars...Okay now, this is Obi Wan. Well, except Ahsokah is an alien and Obi Wan is a human. Anakin is a human too but Ahsokah is still an alien. Star WArs the CW is just a cartoon. YOu can rent it. Well, if it's at the store.This is Buzz Lightyear. He comes with Woody, but I didn't blog a picture of Woody. I actually blogged my dad. Now meet my dad. He is very nice and he is strong. Do you know why he is strong? Because he did some excercise with heavy stuff. Today, you know it's Saturday right, my dad built some shelves in the pantry door to get more extra food to use when we're done with stuff. Dad made some shelves in our pantry to hold food so we can step in without stepping on the food.


Anonymous said...

Dear Jacob--It's wonderful to have a great, strong Dad like you do. I know he can do lots of things like building shelves and putting together swing sets for boys. I love you all. Love, Grandma Truman

Grandma Nelson said...

You're Dad is awesome! I hope you grow up to be just like him, big and strong.
Grandma Nelson

The Kahumokus said...

Dear Grandma Truman and Grandma Nelson,
Thank you for telling me that my dad is awesome. Grandma Truman, thank you for telling me that you love me. Thank you for hoping that I will grow up to be big and strong like my dad.