Thursday, July 10, 2008

I want to see comments

If you read my blog, then please leave me a comment so we can check out what kind of comments they are. I really like comments.



Grandma Nelson said...

This is Georgia Jones, and I'll leave you a comment. Ha, ha! Did you think that was funny?

Willie K. said...

Hey Jakey Boy -

Here's a comment! Your Dad loves you. I love pushing you on the swings and seeing you fly up in the sky. Let Josh and Nate know that they have the greatest older brother.

The Kahumokus said...

No I did not think that was funny. Grandma please don't tease me again and would you please just stop trying to tease me?

The Kahumokus said...

I will Dad! I love you too Dad. I love everybody and I care about you and my friends. I care about everybody Dad. YOu will be proud of me today. I don't think I will be bad any more. I'll try all my hard work for you today. Thank you for sending me that comment. See you tonight! Bye! Good job for working for us. Good Job, Dad!

Grandma Nelson said...

Jacob, I only tease you because I love you lots & lots!

Danielle said...

We love to check your blog. YOu have such a cool family and are always doing fun things.

Grandma Nelson said...

How are you doing at swimming lessons? Will you be ready to swim on the cruise? Only 17 more days until I see you on the ship:) Uncle Scott will be there tomorrow. Will you take care of him for me?
Love, Georgia Jones (I mean Grandma Nelson) Smile, when you are being teased:)

Grandma Nelson said...

Grandma Truman mailed you-and Joshua & Nathan-a package yesterday (Thursday). What do you think is in it? Will you write a blog about it when it comes?
We love you,
Grandma & Grandpa Nelson & Scott